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I finally collected a few of these testimonials. 
For an up-to-date reference check, you could simple email or go see the webs for any of the clients listed on the Clients & Partners Page
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 Strategic Resources, Kegworld, Dauntless Motors, Momentum Systems, City of Woodinville WA


Strategic Resources 

Roy Harvey has been our "web guru" for the past 5 years. He is knowledgeable, creative, and responsive.

We have each enjoyed learning from each other.

Roy doesn't keep the mysteries of web design a secret from his clients. He teaches us the how-to's and explains the why-for's.

Not as a means of creating more business, but as a means of keeping his clients' best interests at heart, Roy often makes change suggestions to keep the web-site clean, fresh, and functionally clean. Whether it is doing some troubleshooting, cleaning up broken links, or upgrading to a better bit of technology, Roy is frequently doing work "behind the scenes."

What I like is that Roy LISTENS! Rather than impose a design concept on a client (because he has used it before and it is a comfortable formula), Roy takes all the necessary time to listen to what the client wants. If we request something he is not totally comfortable with, he will take the time to learn it and add it to his skill sets for our behalf.

Would I recommend Roy and iDEAS to others? Only if they want an exceptional product and want to work with someone who cares about it

Philip Kagan

(NOTE: is the company Philip Kagan is part owner in.)

KEGWORLD  Las Vegas, Nevada

I contracted my company services originally with IDEAS back in March of '96.

We had struggled 7 years to that point with 4 different retail locations. In June of 1998, we closed out retail store and became an Internet Based company working without retail space overhead.

Now, thanks to IDEAS' guidance our company has a "state of the art" Web site and 80% of our sales are now generated through our web presence, and 15% of those web sales stem from our local community in Las Vegas.

I am quite pleased with the move to the Internet and very pleased with Roy Harvey's management of our site, which has taken a lot of attentiveness on his part and I'm especially pleased with Roy's initiative in changing and keeping our Web pages easy to navigate. A comment I get all the time from our customers.


Sincerely Yours

Leon Wiley

DMC sidecars

17022 SE Wax Road, Covington, WA 98042-9122 U.S.A.

phone/fax: (253)638-1793



Member: United Sidecar Association & Better Business Bureau


IDEAS  Internet Development & Education Administration


In late November 1998 we came to you with the raw materials to create a stimulating web sight for us. Our first container of Sputnik sidecars finally arrived from Russia & after two & a half years of struggling negotiations with the Russians (now Russian Mafia). We were impressed with the speed you brought our web sight on line December 5th, 1998 & it's content. The rich back round color, pattern & wacky dashboard gauges balanced out with creative writing & picture arrangement/layout. Setting the tone for our whole web-sight experience. All updates we have needed were completed in a timely fashion. You have since spent a good long afternoon/evening tutored me through Microsoft FrontPage 2000. Your tireless patients & relation of material to real world application were outstanding! We are positive you will return in the near future to help hone our web-sight skills. Your professional business sense, teaching skills & creative applied knowledge have set you far ahead of any competition.

On a personal note: We have known you through the Moto Guzzi National Owners club for the past ten years. We watched you create the National Moto Guzzi Owners web-sight now several years ago & we were very impressed! Hoping someday we would need your expertise. You are a genuine good person & we are fortunate to share many good memories of past Moto Guzzi gatherings & now business association.

Roy, you have always set your goals high & we will continue to support you in any & all-new challenges. Keep reaching for the stars! Safe riding to you.



D. Jay Giese
President Dauntless Motors Corporation
Tara Lea-Hill Giese VP
Vice President Dauntless Motors Corporation

Momentum Systems Limited

To whom it may concern,

Roy Harvey, representing his business, iDEAS, has done several jobs for us in the last few years. He built a web site for us, requisitioned new business URLs on our behalf, and has done technical writing. He also has taught web development software to our staff, and has done product testing for our software company.

He has always been prompt, courteous, and our staff enjoys the classes he teaches. He is very knowledgeable and honest in his business dealings and has never promised more than he delivers. He has been able to suggest various solutions to technical issues we were dealing with, and they were always workable and practical answers to our problems.

We have enjoyed utilizing his skills and talents and look forward to dealings with him and iDEAS in the future.

Meg Gronskis
Momentum Systems Limited
8229 44th Ave. West Suite G, Mukilteo, WA 98275
Phone (425) 423-0777, Fax (425) 423-0568
Tech Support Direct (425) 438-3168
Woodinville, WA
FAX 425-489-2705
13203 NE 175th Street
August 11,2000



Re: Letter of Reference for Roy Harvey/iDEAS

To Whom It May Concern:

The City of Woodinville has had a contractual arrangement with Roy Harvey and iDEAS since 1999 for Web page consulting services. Following the development of our City site, Mr. Harvey and staff from iDEAS have assisted with maintaining the City's Website and, over time, have been asked to assist in a myriad of tasks relating to ongoing Web development .

I have appreciated Mr. Harvey's willingness to respond to our requests quickly and to graciously share his knowledgebase he fields numerous questions. At all times he has been professional and personable. He displays a genuine interest in the task at hand, and I find him very easy to work with.

Mr. Harvey has made his staff available to us as well, and I find them to share the same desire and commitment to serve the customer. They exhibit a proficiency and demeanor that has been well received by the City of Woodinville. We have been grateful for their long standing commitment to Woodinville and the relationship we have developed during the past two years.

I believe Mr. Harvey and his staff to be dependable and proficient in web page development and maintenance.

Marie Stake
Community Services Coordinator
13203 NE 175th Street
Woodinville, WA 98072-8534     
425389-2700 - Fax: 425-489-2705

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