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   arrow imagehe Internet is in essence the new electronic frontier just unveiling it’s opportunities.

The Internet had been evolving for 20 years and in 1990 the Web had just emerged on the Internet.  In 1994 I was one of the Pioneers making things happen on the World Wide Web.  The Web pioneers were making the rules as they went, literally shaping history -- I believe the web will continue to evolve for some time. (RH 1996)

In your mind travel back to the early 1600s on the North American continent where early explorers & trappers were forging through the new frontier. As they trekked the backwoods in search of opportunity, the traders were close behind bringing commerce to the new world by sponsoring the Rendezvous as the gathering places for trade and socializing. This new frontier of opportunity was developed by a mixed group of adventurous souls from countries around the world, much like today’s (1995), World Wide Web frontier that is likewise being developed by adventurous Pioneers from countries around the world. We are like one of the representatives of trade, hot on the heels of the developing new frontier.  (Written in '95 at the very beginning of commercialism for the World Wide Web)

I have dubbed this Internet development Web site as the iNet-Rendezvous (Internet Rendezvous), to honor those hardy souls that were in the forefront of developing a nation. Like those days of old, this new World Wide Web on the Internet is undergoing constant changes, challenges, which require all it's pioneers to keep up to date and on top of all Internet current events.  It is clear that most businesses will want to use an Internet management service to help them achieve a prominent and beneficial Internet presence. To that end it is our goal to provide Internet Development,  Education & Administration  Services, 
(i.D.E.A.S.) - to help businesses make journey on the World Wide Web - the Internet. 
Business Est.  October of 1995


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