Web Page Design:

$60.00 per hour  
Simple small webs average as little as $120.00

Complex webs by proposal
Please see Web Page Designing for in-depth details


  • In house Graphic design and development

  • Scanning, Video, Digital Camera Imaging

  • Logos, Icons, Image Maps, Roll over images, etc.

  • $60.00 per hour

    Consultation Services:

    Web page management, maintenance, updates, coaching. General computer consultation; Setting up Internet services, software, training and coaching employees in the implementation and use of Internet services. We offer advice on the best ways to benefit from the Internet, as well. This may include help with a new paradigm enabling the entrance into a world wide exposure.  (See the link to Web Development Instruction to the left)

     (In-House $60.    Onsite: $70.)


    Is electronic data transfer. e-mail is easily the most popular depending on form of electronic communication. your service. With e-mail we can communicate and transact electronically. You must establish an e-mail account with one of the many local electronic providers in your area.

    Internet Response

    Your Internet responses from Interception: E-mail, forms, Newsgroup postings, etc., can be directed to us and redirected to you by E-mail, fax, phone, or Snail Mail. In essence we would become your Internet messaging service.  Priced as Consultation $40.00 per hour for processing.

    Special Requests - Programming & Scripting:

    These include Programming and Scripting (C++, Pearl, VBScript, Java, animation, video/sound), Data Base development.  all bid per job ranging from $120. per hour.

    Multiple Page Catalogs:

    Bulk pricing for over 100 pages. Linked product glossary, specifications, or order form.  : Links color coded & underlined. 

    • Database Connectivity & E-Commerce setup may be recommended.  Programming fees may apply.


    Used to gather information, submit information, process information.  IDEAS uses several methods of On-line form creation.  We can create forms for any use or need you may have. 

     (In-House $60.    Onsite: $70.)

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