ur goal is to Create a synergistic learning environment as well as maximizing client Internet exposure through creations of innovative Internet XHTML MultiMedia & conventional media. We are a Web design and development business named iDEAS. What makes us different and important to you is our experience and personal attention to detail.  We create an Internet Presence for clients, but also endeavor to educate clients to become self sufficient web designers whenever possible.  (See Instruction/Tutoring)

In addition to Internet Development we are SEO experts. Search Engine Optimization requiring skills in Cybrarian research and Strategic Internet marketing.
Getting your business on the Internet today is as easy as paying for a newspaper ad, but:

"Your on-line presence without representation is about as effective as putting your business card in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean hoping for prospective customers to search for and find it."

    I began developing Web Sites in 1995 - the time when the very first commercial website got online.  It's a fact that the Internet is in constant flux, and that makes you and I Together "Pioneers of the new frontier called the World Wide Web. 

We offer you several web site management options for your business.  Your Web presence may be included with our centralized iNet-Rendezvous Web, or we can Manage your presence on your preferred ISP web server. For hosting your web there is a basic  Starter rate or Professional rate. Customize and enhance  your Internet representation by adding an A-La-Carte menu of services. All our services are listed categorically under the A-La-Cartemenu. This customization allows your web page production to fluctuate in synch with your business needs.

You might like to read a "Real World Scenerio"      Wholesalers and Retailers and Auctioneers have just begun to take advantage of the on-line interactive Internet forums recently taking shape. Presentations of product lines, catalogs and information are convenient, consistent and cost effective. Internet presentations look better, allow sampling, quick product updates, sound, slide shows, interactive commenting, strategic real time video conference, real time Chat, E-mail, ordering, surveys, forms, specific mailing list/chat forums -- to mention the most popular aspects. The proliferation of Internet presentations will help educate consumers and greatly improve and accelerate overall trade advancements through communication. Those involved with the Internet will develop global customers. 

     The Internet will not replace conventional advertising, rather it will bring those advertising efforts full circle for exposure to the global audience. iNet interaction is accessible to multiple customers simultaneously 24 hours a day 7 days a week world wide.

     Partner with iDEAS for guidance through the new frontier, a world of opportunity - The World Wide Web.

Roy Harvey CEO