Web Hosting Options and Rates

Management Options:
Once Web pages are designed you need to decide how to manage them:

Starter Plan:
$50.00 Per Year

Storefront or Business home page or link within the iNet-Rendezvous Domain. 

Standard $25.00 set-up includes 1 hour initial consultation.  Web page creation is separate (se web page development).  Complete on-line web site maintenance & management. Additional services, Additional Research and strategic Internet marketing available A-La-Carte services style. Rates are per month, billed quarterly in advance. Your web pages will be located on an iDEAS shared web server or virtual server tagged onto one of our in house Domains.  (This is if you do not own your domain name). 

Your home page will be linked from the iNet-Rendezvous "Partners" web links.

Up to 5 MB space allotment, Bandwidth up to 500 hits per day.  Account is upgradeable at any time.  Additional Internet services always available.
Hosting is billed Quarterly In Advance.

  PROFESSIONAL Independent Web Hosting http://www.YourCompany.com

Hosting Rates begin at $20.00 per month.

Rates for Independent Hosting through our partner Web Server Farm are available to you and offer several different degrees of Hosting options.

NOTES: You are not required to use our web Hosting service.

We can set up Web Hosting and Domain name registration for you at your request. 

Additionally we recommend setting up a Web site server log analyzer program so you can monitor your web site activity.  This offers you the information to better market your web site to Internet users, to understand the information people are or are not using, where your traffic comes from and a well of other information.

We can manage your web pages on Any Other Hosting server any where in the World.

Basic Internet Consultation Services FEES:  $60.00 per hour as needed (Onsite: $70.00) 

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