Partial List of Clients I've done extensive Software & Web Development Instruction with: 
(Instruction Clients, not to be confused with contracted Web Development clients)
I have enjoyed being an Instructor sharing my knowledge and experiences with:

City of Mill Creek, City of Seattle, City of Woodinville, 3 unmentionable local Cities/Counties, Dauntless Motors, IRDC, Medical Advocates, NoColds-NoFlus, the two largest Washington Port businesses, both of the largest Seattle based newspapers, University at Sea, Holland America Cruise Lines, University of Washington, Vails Inventions, Woodinville Water District and Zone Challenge to name drop a few.

(I am contractually unable to publish the names of Washington's 3 largest employers in Washington
and a few other large company's in anything considered to be marketing.)

I also instruct Public, Private, & Commercial Classes through Ramco Software Training
(Web Development clients are linked on the "Partners & Clients" page)

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Internet Web Consultant and Software Instruction

"WebEx Enabled or in Person Training"   Based in Washington State. 

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Training & instructional Experience: 

I began consulting, developing and instructing Internet web page development in 1995 in relationship to the jobs training position I held within the State of Washington.  This was the year which commercial Web Pages first began.  In '96 I was hired to manage the Computer Tutor software training company in Everett, WA.   I love the continued upgrading and enhancements with new versions of software.  It gives me some change to look forward to and by learning & teaching new versions; the job never gets stale.  My passion for this Internet medium has not waned and Tutoring others is always very satisfying to me as students shine with enlightenment and lean how something works.  

Training and instructions are a passion to me.  However, once someone is trained, my job is done.  I end up working myself out of a job so to speak.  There will always be new software and new versions to teach, and I have repeat clients whom I've been working with for more than 10 years now. 

On the flip side of training is the development.  I continue to be an Internet development specialist for those businesses who just want to "get the job done".  In many jobs the training and development are tied together.  I become a training developer - where I work with the company IT person or web person to create and develop their Internet presence.  When the job is done, the company employee has been trained and the web site is done.  The company employee can now maintain the site.

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Subjects: Web | Office | Graphics | OS | Custom    

Web Development; from basic XHTML web design to SharePoint Portals and Dynamics.  

    • Interfaces/programming: Raw HTML - SharePoint Designer - SharePoint - DreamWeaver -
      • Beginner to advanced; Many projects combine use of Multimedia, Flash, JavaApplets, JavaScripting, VBScripting, CSS - Cascading Style Sheets, ASP, Access Databases, SQL, Dynamic Binding and other associations.

Microsoft Office Software '03-'07: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, basics and advanced.
Adobe Software CS3 - CS4: PhotoShop - Illustrator - In-Design - DreamWeaver - Flash
Special Programs: Coffee Cup | FTP | InVision SlideShows | Movie Maker | Photography
Windows Operating System Tutoring: XP | Vista | '07

CUSTOM SOFTWARE:  Yes, we can develop curriculum for your custom software training needs

Internet Specialties: "Complete Project Engineering" & "Internet Presence Makeovers"

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Several methods can be used to fulfill your training requirements:  

On-Line Internet Based WEBEX training production
Travel to your Facility for training presentation
Computer room rental for your training

If you are unable to accommodate training on location Training Facility Rentals
are available locally all over Washington State and nationwide: 

Custom training development - hands on education whenever possible

Out of Washington facilities should be available with some research.  Special traveling classes can be arranged.     

Traveling - Phone - Consultation - WEbEx - Skipe - rental computers, anything is possible.

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Training Fees
  • Fees are based on time expenditure and the individual project needs.  Off the shelf training manuals are available, and custom curriculum can be created.  A training proposal is recommended to assess your needs and requirements.
    • Consultation/training fees start at a minimum of $45.00 per hour
    • Curriculum development depending on software requirements starts at $45. hr.
  • WebEx - using the Internet for onsite/online training reaching students worldwide. Cost may be included in the training proposal.
    • Instruction for individuals or Groups. 
    • Multi-day development classes combining several subjects
        • Travel fee beyond 30 minutes may be applied
        • Manuals & Media options are available
  • Phone Consultation Services
  • Call for your specific needs 800-545-7407
    • Customizable curriculum       
    • Rental computers available  

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Hi Folks, I look forward to working with you on your special Internet web Project.
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