Seo - Search Engine Optimization
Marketing and Research

"On-line presence without marketing is about as effective as putting your business card in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean hoping prospective customers search to find it"

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
$60.00 per Hour.

Getting your web information to rank as high as possible in search engine results.  How you are found on Internet Search engines and directories.

Through our research, one of the most important results obtained will be the locations available for link sharing.

We will get your web pages posted to the best  Internet directories and search engines and indexes relevant to your web site content.

We encourage "diplomatic marketing" to email and news Lists and Groups.  Some marketers try to "SPAM" Newsgroups by sending their ads to Newsgroups regardless whether group members are interested in them or not. We are strongly against such practices.


Search Engine Optimization;  Proper Internet Marketing takes 12 months. 

It is not a one time shot in the arm fix.  It takes 3 months to set up the process in order to have data to work with.  For the best results you should conduct Marketing analysis and optimization every other month after the first 3 months extending for 12 months.  This is the only way to have data to analyze, so you can make changes then analyze and optimize  according to reports several times to achieve best possible results. 
The "Reports" we develop for analysis tend to be 30+ pages of statistics about your web usage which cover everything from what Keywords/phrases are being used, to what state your visitors are coming from and a myriad of other statistics.

Initially this would include intensive "KEYWORD/PHRASE" discovery and implementation to incorporate them as META Tags in several documents.  In addition a check for the use of KEYWORDS/PHRASES throughout your documents and the use of <H> codes, <ALT> tags w/keywords, linking, titles, subtitling, file names, etc.  Researched keyword "Fishing" would need to be employed to generate the best results from your Web Site Publicizing and Marketing. 

A preliminary Keyword/Phrase search engine evaluation is done for all our chosen search engines to determine your current search result rankings.  This report will include detailed information about findings or lack of findings to include recommendations and suggestions of improvements and optimization that should help your web information gain status in individual search engine results.

Images play a key role in SEO.  All images need "alternative text" and some my need a long descriptive alternative text file.

Navigation configeration and association with targets may mean file renaming or link editing. Text navigation is a must, even if it is added in addition to JavaScript or coded navigation functions.

Once the SEO objectives are identified we conduct research to compile potential areas of interests to target. The time needed is dependent on the scope of your marketing objectives and the current Internet field of activity. 

Next is to develop several statements, descriptions, and scenarios for efficient "information at hand" marketing use.  All that before a concerted effort to coordinate postings, and Internet positioning of information about your Internet presence.

Cybrarian Research:
$40.00 per hour

Internet Researching and investigation.

Examination and discovery of your particular industry or business on the Internet today.

This is used to identify targets for marketing, Link Swapping, places to advertise, sponsor, monitor Internet forums, information gathering, and identification of customer profiles; using Forums, Facebooks, Websites, Newsgroups, mailing lists or "Listservs" Search Engines, and more.

There are thousands of news groups, Blogs, Facebook pages, Forums and other internet networks to concider networking with. 

Internet - Networking

Cybrarian Research is the key to knowing the what, who, where, & when about your target industry, competition, or customer information on-line.

Probably the most comprehensive and effective tool being used today is something You can do yourself:

Develop an ongoing "LINK SWAP" marketing campaign you can maintain yourself.  Link swapping techniques have become very, very important to maintaining viability in the eyes of search engines.

Taking your chosen Keywords/Phrases and the preliminary reports your pages need to be optimized and then resubmitted to relevant search engines and web directories. 

This finally is the Initial start of that first search engine submission process and 3 month study.

NOTE:   It can take up to 3 weeks for all the search engines to re-index your web.  Then you must wait for at least a month so you have a months worth of data for analysis.  After your first analysis we can make some optimization edits and resubmit.  Now the ball is rolling.  Have to wait 3-4 weeks again for the search engines to re-index, then you wait another month to gather enough statistical data to analyze so you can run a 30+ page report and you do it all again.  Each time you can identify areas to optimize, things to try, even things Not to do.  It becomes a regular maintenance task for reasons of higher Search Engine rankings.

We categorize a group of mailing lists, newsgroups, forums, facebook pages, other web sites, etc all of which you can participate in to best promote your business objectives. This can be further categorized for targeted clubs, societies, groups, individual states or regions. (assuming you will have on-line representation).

We can develop appropriate signature marketing techniques, and implement step-by-step, hand crafted advertising campaigns if it is within the scope or your marketing strategy.

We recommend a 10Hr session to initialize your Strategic Internet Marketing and an additional 3-4 Hrs per Quarter are recommended to stay in touch with your business interests and optimizations, postings, keywords, search engine Reports for your placement results and investigating your competition on a regular basis.  It takes a full 12 months for "Real Internet Marketing" to be effective.

I'm sure you have received plenty of spam mail advertising to increase your web rankings - buyer beware of the "fast fix" internet marketing scams. 

Internet Marketing is not easy or fast.

A good Internet Marketing Campaign isn't expensive - it is Priceless !

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