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Welcome to a local Gathering of Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Enthusiasts. 
Lots of Depth to our website; 5 main pages linked above.  LINKS offers a wealth of Moto Guzzi content for you to enjoy.

Come enjoy our breakfast ride get-to-gethers at the Krain Cafe held the 1st Saturday of each month @ 9:00 AM.  Meet folks of like mind who enjoy Moto Guzzi  Motorcycles, Riding, Tire Kickin', and Great Food.   Lots of great roadways to explore in the area.  All Motorcycle enthusiasts are welcome.


We publish a Great local newsletter full of interesting tidbits you will enjoy reading. Riders Stories and member articles, Classifieds, Comments, Recipes, Photos, Events, Advice and more.  The newsletter subscriptions are a mere $12.00 per year and covers primarily the Moto Guzzi Northwest scene in Oregon, Washington, and Canada as well as many global Moto Guzzi interests.

To Subscribe please send your $12. check via snail mail payable to: 
Gayle Guthrie (Not Moto Guzzi Northwest),
13020 Occidental Ave So.
Seattle, WA  98168.  

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