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   Moto Guzzi Club - riders webs:

Washington riders listed first
Take your time enjoying these GREAT webs designed by Moto Guzzi Riders.  Many are full of Great pictures and Helpful information.  Come back often and check them all out!  (Submit your Link) 

wheel rim bulletTribute to Bob Nolan  A legend in his own time.  The Famous hand made Moto Guzzi Tri-Car 
(The MGNOC has an annual "Imagineering Award named in his honor)

wheel rim bulletRoy Harvey's Web page about my Motorcycles, MGNOC Rally Pictures, Bike fixin' projects, & pics of the "Black Pearl '74 California" "Ambo w/Attitude", and the "TwistedSister" EV resurrection - Reverse Trike, and more.

wheel rim bulletErikanEva's Web site and Excellent cycle adventures here and abroad; Reviews
wheel rim bulletEric Blume Nice web site tagged on with Eva's.  These folks are serious Riders !

Guzzi Rider webs from around the country:

Adam Bolton's Tribute to the Moto Guzzi 750's with a discussion board, good tech help list, Guzzi 80th anniversary in Mandello Italy and MORE!

Carl Allison (Great TPS setting Wiring Diagrams & Guzzi's.   A must see web for newer Guzzi Owners)

Danilo & Gioietta FUN ! these folks want to collect and TRADE Moto Guzzi club patches around the world!  In Italian or English

Dieter Large Guzzi web in Germany

dodo go web with pics of Moto Guzzi's

Moto Guzzi California - is a fun and family friendly site dedicated to the famous and popular Moto Guzzi California series motorcycles.

Gary Hawksworth 1978 Moto Guzzi LeMans and more

Herman's Moto Guzzi page

Hennie Maartens Moto Guzzi home from Africa.  Pictures, Homemade Tools, Custom Goodies and more.  Good Stuff

Jaap Veldhorst website about the Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans

From Jenny  Don't miss this outrageously cool Moto Guzzi web site deep in the heart of Japan!  Hot racing team and Hot Fans!

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Joe Peralta - Falcones and the Single Cylinder Gazette.  Great collection for Singles Owners

Luap McKeever - Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi
Moto Guzzi Screensavers, Calendars, More

Marc's Motorcycle Page Marc Lewis is the "Godfather" of Motorcycle e-Lists, WetLeather, and Magnanimous supporter for motorcycle webs and events.

Patrick Hayes 1999 Falcone Tour 
post tour report is included

Peter Peterson's Touring The Americas (Awesome travel story/pics and good research for anyone doing similar travels via motorcycle)

Paul Minnaert
Has made a page about Daytona's and other special guzzi's

R Clark Guzzi Web

Sheldon Aubut Web Wizard and Guzzi Guru

T's Guzzi, Chile and Steiff Page Nice Collection of Guzzi Bikes

The Guzzi Exchange, Melbourne Australia

Tom's Moto Guzzi Pages

Tom Hunters' Travels on a Moto Guzzi Very enjoyable and informative travel report for many areas, primarily the western part of North America.

      N.W. Rider Stories:

KOB (Keeper of Bells) re-united with a Moto Guzzi   Don't miss the Photo Adventures
salmon-3.jpg (66636 bytes)DeepForest Campout  An Annual Adventure    Places to go and things to see in Washington State
    Timothy rides with
COG to Hyder, AK.
  Map Reading Guzzi Adventure
by Marion Nolan

The First Guzzi on the USA Four Corners Tour

By Timothy Barlow


rally99_bikes1.jpg (93152 bytes)"The Black Wet"
A Moto Guzzi Rally Adventure

By Roy Harvey 

Three Flags Classic on a Moto Guzzi LeMans
By Timothy Barlow
  Winter time Moto Guzzi Project
for all to enjoy and perhaps Do!

Moto Guzzi Rally Ride Story & Pics: 
by Roy Harvey

  50,000 Miles on the EV
By Steve Ford
Unique Story of Two Flat Tires- & Lessons that were Learned
by "Al Newman"
  Send me YOUR STORY 

Moto Guzzi Top Ten Links:

mgnoc logo & linkMGNOC  
Moto Guzzi National Owners Club web site.

Moto Guzzi Correspondence List  (Forum)
(MGCL), The Original Moto Guzzi e-mail Discussion Group. established in 1996. 
An interactive source of communication with  over 800 member Moto Guzzi Enthusiasts from around the World. 

Oregon MGNOC website - Washington & Oregon intermingle, have fun and collaborate regularly
WILDGUZZI CHASE a premier web site by
Luap McKeever Moto Guzzi Screensavers, Calendars, More
AeroStich  Motorcycle Accessories, Clothing, Gadgets, Books, T-Shirts & Cool Stuff
Cycle Garden - because they are so awesome with the ole Loop frames
Greg Bender's - This Ole Tractor - An incredible collection of info regarding the older bikes
Official U.S. Moto Guzzi Web Site
Moto Guzzi Factory Official Home Page
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Guzzi Social Network - Forums, discussion groups, news groups

Motorcycle Internet e-mail correspondence lists, Forums, & Discussion Groups

Please notify us of any other Moto Guzzi lists for us to include here.  is a Free source for discussion lists of all sorts.  Topica is the home of the MGCL list.  Below is a list of the Moto Guzzi lists I found at topica on 1/2/02They tend to come and go, depending on the number of users and subscribers.  Well worth a search at Topica. 

MicaPeak  Internet Services is a hosting service for many e-mail based correspondence lists and also has a text database of motorcycle related e-mail lists.  You will likely find one or more e-mail lists for your particular interests.  It's fun to see what different lists are like, experiment and have fun.  Free W/Donation Fund Raising Campaigns

Dr. Dave's Loop Frame Guzzi Clinic!   Moto Guzzi Quota list

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MGNOC Official Home page. 
(Moto Guzzi National Owners Club)

Moto Guzzi Classics Club - Italy

Italian Moto Guzzi Group  A tutti i guzzisti che ci seguono con passione: TANTI AUGURI DI BUON ANNO NUOVO!!!

SCOLA BRUNO Great Italian Moto Guzzi web, very cool Flash Intro

Motor Bike Guzzi Club

Moto Guzzi Owners of Australia 

Moto Guzzi - Germany

Moto Guzzi Club Nederland HomePage

Ontario Moto Guzzi Club

Oregon MGNOC Chapter Calendar

Moto Guzzi Club of Sweden

New Jersey MGNOC

Texas Gulf Guzzi Riders

Washington State Moto Guzzi Club
NorthWest MGNOC 

Moto Guzzi European Owners Club
Moto Guzzi European Owners Club, formerly known as David Smith's MGNOC-ED (european Division)

Back to the TOP      moto guzzi traveling:

North American Sportbike Road Registry 
Great Road Rating web site.  "Twisties 4 U"

Motorcycle CAMPING

Glencoe Camping  Sturgis, South Dakota

2 Wheels Only  Suches, Georgia

Bill Johns Excellent Camping Guide (MicaPeak)

Motorcycle Rental Information:

AdMo Global Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

Street Eagle MC Rentals  Multi State

Bosenberg Motorcycle Excursions  Europe Rental/Tour

Western States Motorcycle Rentals & Tours

San Francisco Bay Area Motorcycle Rentals

Eagleriders  Multi State

Motorcycle Tour company of Virgina

Adventure New Zealand (foreign tours and rentals)

Motorcycle Shipping Information:

A Apex Motorcycle Towing & Transport A Better Way to Tow Your Bike

Shipping a Bike from the USA to Europe
(MicaPeak) by Marc Lewis

Shipping a Bike around the USA by Marc Lewis - (MicaPeak)

Allstates Worldwide Delivery

Auto Driveway Co.

Motor Sports Transport ($25.00 discount on any domestic shipment, and 10% international moves. We require your member to make mention of their discount say "MGNOC")

Frank 'Buzz' LeBlanc Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Tour and Travel A-Z

AdMo Global Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

Adventure New Zealand Motorcycle Tours and Rentals
Motorcycle rental company also offers guided and self-guided motorcycle tours. View scenic photos and check suggested equipment and rates.

Adventures Across America  American Motorcycle Touring Specialists

 Alaska Rider Tours Arctic Circle, to Wrangell-St.Elias National Park, the northern hotsprings, Prince William Sound and the Kenai Peninsula

Brett Tours  European Motorcycle Touring Specialists based in England

Casa de Koshare
Great Bed & Breakfast for Bikers traveling in New Mexico.


Edelweiss Bike Travel
Motorcycle tour company covers Europe, the US, Africa, New Zealand, Mexico and South America. Available in English and German.

Grizzly Bear Mountain Motorcycle Tours
We have a first class, six day, guided, all inclusive motorcycle tour which takes in some of the most scenic, most rugged, and most beautiful parts of the Western Canadian Rocky Mountains.

IncaMoto Motorcycle Tours
Offers guided motorcycle tours of Peru. Read tour descriptions and client testimonials, view photos, and find prices and reservation details.

Moutain to Sound Motorcycle Adventures Tours of the Pacific Northwest

Travel and touring company conducts motorcycle tours throughout Italy. Read about itineraries and available bikes.

Red Baron Tours   Your unique Partner for Full service and Motorcycle-Touring in Europe.  Dare to be different, Dare to have an Adventure.

Turkey Creek Motorcycle Tours
Luxury Motorcycle Tour
in Colorado, The American Southwest or Mexico

TrailbikeTours Off-Road Motorbike Tours in Andorra & the Spanish Pyrenees

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Local Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Links    Submit a Link

  1. NEW *  SEATTLE SPEEDOMETER The Northwest's premier gauge repair and restoration shop Specializing in Vintage Motorcycle Speedometers

  2. MOTO INTERNATIONAL  7701 Aurora Avenue North  Seattle, WA 98103  206-297-3822 (Home of Guzziology)

  3. Motorcycles and Trikes  A local informational website

  4. SKAGIT POWERSPORTS  1645 Walton Drive  Burlington, WA 98233  360-757-7999

  5. VINCE'S MOTORCYCLE STORE  2651 Martin Way  Olympia, WA 98506  360-754-4900

  6. Sound Rider E-Zine Puget Sound Washington
  8. Motorcycle Riders Foundation
  9. DOL - WMSP Board Minutes
  10. Museum of Motorcycling
  11. LSR Moto Guzzi Land Speed Record Attempts  Offshoot of the MGCL
  12. (WRRA) Washington Road Riders Association
  13.  AllWheelPro Repair all alloy motorcycle rims. also fabricate steel motorcycle racks that slip into your trailer hitch. take your bike with you in style. stop by my shop at 8508 guide meridian rd in Lynden Washington if you are in town. thanks! einar 
  14. Custom-built jackets made in Northwest. Classic Motorcycle Jackets (Portland-based)


Moto Guzzi Shops & Related Businesses
Non-Moto Guzzi businesses or products of interest may also be listed under the "Specialty-Bike Stuff Links

African Adventures on 2 wheels

Bikers Galeria Parts, Service and more

Bill Mayer Saddles *** Any Bike - Any Butt

Britans Wessons Moto Guzzi Shop England

Corsa Italiana inc Spares GB
biggest and the oldest Moto Guzzi dealer in london

Cycle Garden

Cycle Works

 Derrick Wooding PaintWorks

Encore Performance & Fabrication

Fuel Injected Motorcycles News

Gabbiano Leathers
Custom "Moto Guzzi Leather Goods"

Harpers Moto Guzzi

Hazeltons Moto Guzzi Shop

High Performance Electronics for Italian and other European bikes since twenty years.

Inside Bikes

Joe Kenny's Moto Guzzi  cylinder head guards, belt buckles and other billit machined Specialty Goods

Koups Moto Guzzi

Luca Mangano Motorcycle & Moto Guzzi pins, cards, patches, etc.


MG Cycle Web.  Parts, Accessories, Tips, Sounds, Guzzi Info

MotoGizmo Web Site. We review and critique over 15,000 links to every major Motorcycle site on the net. USA

Moto Guzzi Decals (other model decals too)

Motorcycle Industries

Moto International specializes in vintage parts for Moto Guzzi Falcones.

Motorcycle Riders Association all types of bikers with an emphasis on Savings and Security for motorcyclist

Palumotos in Zurich

Plein Pot Performance


Scuderia Moto Guzzi

Silver Brook Custom Embroidery and Guzzi Stuff

Sound Rider E-Zine Puget Sound Washington


SPARES GB Moto Guzzi spares and accessories business ln the UK

Stein-Dinse Moto Guzzi Stuff

Union Cycle in Indian Trail, NC 

WebBikeWorld by Rick - Great collection of information and motorcycle products links. 

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