The MG was very, very shiny from a fresh polish and the sun was deep in the west so the British Racing Green color simply doesn't show very well. Click the pictures to see larger shots if you like.

I am SELLING this great little car SOLD
I really hate to, It is so fun every time I do drive it.  But, that is the problem.  I haven't driven it even once in the last year. 

Mileage as of 9/6,04 is:  39,111  It was about 21K when I bought it in '97.  I have talked with several mechanics and others to try and determine if that is actual or if there would be a 1 in front - I get mixed answers.  Could be, or could not?  It is not in "car show" condition; needs detailed (cleaned and shined real good), needs basic fluids changed and needs to be Driven.  Gets anywhere from 28 to 34 MPG depending on your peddle pressure.

I'll have to inventory it today, but the only thing I can remember that it really does need is new brake fluid.  My mechanic told me last year the fluid was very old and that was why I had to pump the brakes to get them to work.  The brake peddle didn't loose pressure when the peddle was held down, just needed to be pumped up.  Bad fluid, some air/moisture build up in the lines etc.  Easy fix. 

The MGB experience is a unique one. They have their own characteristic look and feel. This Gem runs GREAT, Smells Great, Feels Great, and Looks Great! It's just a blast to drive, and the perfect little sports car for the Pacific NorthWest - 'cause it does have a roof! This MGB is the "First" Hatchback car designed - British Racing Green is the absolute best colour for this car. She is not a museum piece, I drove it quite a bit from '97 to '99.  I Drove it for fun and also used it as my fun commuter car doing 80 miles a day.  It didn't take long to learn that stop-N-go commuting isn't fun no matter what you drive and in '99 or '2000 I discovered motorcycles and the commuter lane and started commuting by motorcycle avoiding the stop-N-go.  To this day I ride the motorcycle commuting.  I toured the MGB to Oregon and back twice (very cool road trip on the Oregon coast in a sports car - but now it simply does not get driven. That is exactly why I'm selling it; I have not driven it once in a full year, and only 5 or 6 times in the previous 2 years! I have motorcycles and Now this sweet lil sports car just sits - in addition - because I am currently building a house it has no garage and is parked under a tarp. Sinful!

This is such a cool car and the most collectible year, it deserves better care and it NEEDS to be Driven. Somebody out there come save my little MGB.  It is in such good shape I can easily see how it just might be the original 39,111 miles  and not 139,111 (odometer does not have a 6th digit), - All that takes is someone like me who doesn't drive it much. It took me 7 years to put 20k on it! She does have a few paint bubbles in the "typical areas" for the MGB's where I know cancer is in the works. [rear panel behind rear window popout on passenger side.  Front panel at window corner passenger side. ] 

I planned to do a beautification job on it, now you can. Selling AS IS for the $3995.00 price. Middle of the road pricing.  A restored show piece MGB model would be about $8,000.00, and a rust bucket non runner could be as little as $600.

This is The most collectible model MGB-GT The '69. Ask anyone about them, this car is not only great fun to drive, everyone notices you, and everyone thinks it is so cool. I don't know what it is about these MGB's, they are just plain fun to drive. They aren't really fast, or smooth, or fancy. They are a "feel good" car that just Oozes character. Now I've driven it today and got that feeling back. I hate to sell this car. This car will make you a target for pleasant people meeting - why, I don't know, it just does. You can't stop anywhere without someone smiling at you or coming over to talk. Heck, I get beeps and thumbs up & waves on the freeway regularly. The MGB moves with an infectious attitude that seems to touch anyone within 300 yards with a happy face! This MGB-GT has been one of my all time favorite cars to have owned.

This could be the Ultimate cool car for a young person - If they were thoughtful enough to take care of a Classic Car.

Who says an MGB ain't practical, check out this picture.

Since I've owned it I have : 
Replaced the clutch - Starter - Alternator - Radiator - 1 door lock - 1 window knob - added a night "no glare rear view mirror - tuned carbs - tuned wire wheels -

Operationally in excellent condition.  Starts cold wonderfully easy, drives real nice, engine tuned and in great shape, brakes good (needs fluid change), interior in very good condition, paint is a (8 out of 10), tires are old but still a (7 out of 10), wire wheels are faded and a new painting would freshen them up, or have them chromed! 

Things wrong with it: 
Those 2 paint bubbles mentioned above.  Has a few marks on the paint indicative of it's age.  Chrome in fairly good shape - it's age again, but no bad spots (8 out of 10).  Front window is perfect with exception to a very small 1inch crack line on upper left corner.  Dash had no cracks , but has recently developed a small dash crack up top near center - that typical spot (8 out of 10).  Seat belts are a pain to work.  Hood has a paint crack center front from pushing hood down the wrong way.  Brake fluid and recommend all fluids be renewed. 



Like the Fonz, here is the

MGB - All the details

British Racing Green

Tuning that SU Carb

(to tell the truth, I have only had to tune the carbs once, it was easy and it has run great)

 Okay, more SU Tuning

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