Real World Scenario

(At any single given moment, time and distance becoming irrelevant on the World Wide Web)

   Having a Web site,  presence on the Internet is now almost mandatory marketing operations.  However, it is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, nor is it going to replace conventional advertising or retail stores. It is quickly being developed as marketing communications; mostly for trade of common products. The facebook or social networking era we are in now is the Rendezvous era (development of the new world), of the 1800's.

The World Wide Web is the most exciting, refreshing, and stimulating forum for commerce and information to develop since Columbus set sail.

A World Wide Web Internet presence is not the end all success for business, but it is perhaps the greatest opportunity. 

However, for many small business ventures like Duncan and Leon owners of  Keg World it was a business savor.

The KegWorld customer base was limited to the sprawling Las Vegas Valley.  KegWorld sold draught dispensing equipment and setups locally and advertised sparingly in regional media searching to expand their customer base beyond Las Vegas.  Reaching beyond Las Vegas was not happening and the business began to stagnate and growth was limited.

After putting their Home Draught Equipment store on the World Wide Web they KegWorld discovered the big picture - The International customer base. 

Through their new Internet Web Site began shipping goods around the country and soon - around the world.  Another overlooked benefit came with the development of associations and partnerships with other businesses around the world. 

Soon, KegWorld picks up other product lines from those worldly partnerships.  The growth was dramatic, all stemming from the development of an Internet Web Site.

KegWorld soon decided to move out of the $2,000 per month retail store front (1996), in favor of a distribution warehouse. The KegWorld Internet business has steadily improved every year since 1996.  Traditional media advertising as well as Internet advertising & marketing is a main stay, which together continue to increase the KegWorld customer base and general market share.

*** Even the World Wide Web is dependent on old fashion business principals:  In 1999 the KegWorld business partnership broke up, the business disintegrated and is no longer the vital business it achieved through a World Wide Web presence.

IDEAS is proud to be involved with the Internet Development Project for KegWorld and the rest of our Clients and Partners using our services.

The Internet is a vast and powerful business tool. In days of old the frontier Rendezvous was a focal point of developing trade, today's new focus is the world wide web Rendezvous.  Success is just a matter of Cybrarian research, and strategic Internet marketing.
Come, join the excitement and make your dreams a reality. 

Whether your business is big or small -- iDEAS will be here every step of the way helping you develop a professional Internet presence on this new frontier.