Web Page Development

The creation and development of content information for view on the World Wide Web.

Information you would like people to see in your web must be HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), coded to interface with the World Wide Web properly. This information can come from files already on your computer which can be converted to HTML, it can come from your business literature which we can scan and convert to HTML, or the information can be taken like dictation into an HTML document.  We can also do "Word Smithing" for you.  To do this we examine all available business literature and conduct a brief interview to compile as much information as possible to work with.  All graphics, forms, links, sounds, etc., must be embedded into your web pages and HTML coded to interact properly. A single business home page averages up to 2-4 graphics (usually 1 is a background texture, 1 is a graphic illustration, and 2 pictures).  A web page can be any length you desire, However, rule of thumb is no more than 3 screens full for any one page.  

Our web development jobs all begin with the building of a rough "storybook web sketch" to help determine what your needs and costs may be "before" you actually begin paying for a web development project.

Building A simple web of 1 to 3 pages can cost as little as $250.00

Building a complex web involving a "user feasibility study", aggressive testing and including interactive pages, images and forms can take considerable more time and effort and expense to develop.  Many of our large web clients require extensive project engineering to set up a comprehensive web for Internet/Intranet.  Setting up a web for E-Commerce and Database Connectivity will also require additional development beyond a simple web of 1-3 pages. 

IDEAS Web Page Design work or consultation basic rate: $60. hr /$70. onsite
Rates for E-Commerce, Database, Programming are bid per job proposal.
We would be happy to submit an RFQ,  Request for Qualifications statement for you.